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49ers Vs. Falcons: Comparing Resumes, Niners To Watch, And Vegas Line

Comparing resumes: They've been pummeled twice on the road by teams nobody was expecting to be any good (Seahawks and Chiefs), and they've given away* a home game to the defending champions. Meanwhile, the Falcons took two great teams to the limit, beating one, and crushed a crappy team.

* If you have six minutes, I can explain how the Saints win over the Niners was significantly less merited than the Falcons win over the Saints. No, this'll be good.

49ers to watch: After giving up two 100-yard receiving days (to Hines Ward and Lance Moore, plus 83 yards to Larry Fitzgerald), the Falcons contend with a less star-powered unit led by tight end Vernon Davis. Actually, it's technically led by Frank Gore. The Vice President leads the team in both rushing and receiving, so what say we keep an eye on him?

We hate to be so obvious, but when the Falcons have the ball they'll need to be aware of Patrick Willis at all times, and not just because Matt Ryan has to yell "51'S THE MIKE." He's the perfect monkey wrench to what it is the Falcons do. What the Falcons do is RI ISE UP! called The TURNER SNELLING TURNER SNELLING TURNER SNELLING BAIL US OUT, RODDY Plan. By the fourth quarter defensive tackles can be seen weeping into bowls of Crispix, but the league's best linebacker could have something to say about all that.

Vegas says: Falcons by 7. FULL DISCLOSURE: I have accepted Vegas' offer.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.