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Josh Smith Mad, Michael Vick Sitting, And Top NFL, MLB, MMA, Etc. Stories Of 2010: Around The Perimeter

Hawks: Welcome To Loud City ridicules Josh Smith's poutiness about Serge Ibaka throwing down a dunk after the game was in hand and the shot clock turned off. Sort of agree with the Thunder bros here. Smoove might not have committed this specific faux pas before, but he's never hesitated to put on a show against a beaten opponent.


2010: More top fives from .com ... top NFL stories include two quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons drafted and a team you can't stand ... MLB stories feature a team that beat the Atlanta Braves to reach the World Series, a new Phillies pitcher, and a Nationals phenom who got his indoctrination first ass-whoopin' at Turner Field ... I'd love to find you a local angle for this list of MMA stories, but please read it anyway ... college hoops stories feature an ACC team on top and a SEC team in trouble ... and the top soccer stories of the year heavily involve the United States, which is of course the Atlanta of countries. Melting pot, transient, tomayto, tomahto.


MICHAEL VICK: Speaking of, he's probably not playing in week 17.


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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.