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NFL Playoffs Odds And Spread: Atlanta Falcons Favored Over Green Bay Packers, But Just Barely

The Atlanta Falcons are 13-3 with one of the NFL’s best home field advantages, and have already beaten the Green Bay Packers once — but that doesn’t impress Vegas all that much. The opening line for the divisional round NFL playoff matchup in the Georgia Dome was Falcons -1, the narrowest line of the weekend. The Pittsburgh Steelers were favored over the Baltimore Ravens by more, and those teams finished with the same record and even beat each other once.

The good people of America, staking their hard-earned wages, have corrected the oversight somewhat, moving the line to Falcons -2.5.

Even before the Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly, there’s been a sentiment that the Pack might be the NFC’s best team. They’ve been picked to reach the Super Bowl more than any No. 6 seed I’ve ever seen. It’s not without merit, of course. They might have the NFC’s best quarterback, they have an excellent defense, and all of their losses were by single scores, with most coming during rough injury spells.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.