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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Da'Quan Bowers No. 1 To Panthers, Kyle Rudolph To Falcons

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Mocking The Draft has dropped SB Nation’s second 2011 NFL mock draft, adjusted to account for the news that the projected No. 1 pick, Stanford Cardinal QB Andrew Luck, is staying, and for the pick order that’s been adjusted by four first-round playoff exits.

Clemson Tigers DE Da’Quan Bowers is expected to remain in the Carolinas. The Carolina Panthers need lots of help — a versatile wrecking ball like Bowers would likely provide more immediate impact than a rookie quarterback anyway.

The other major NFC South change is the New Orleans Saints draft slot. Having been bounced in the first round, they’re officially going to pick No. 24. Same position for the Saints, and Georgia Bulldogs fans aren’t going to like it. Dawgs DE Justin Houston to the Saints? How do we feel about this?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, still picking No. 20, are given Miami Hurricanes CB Brandon Harris.

And your Atlanta Falcons, projected to pick No. 31, go Notre Dame Fighting Irish TE Kyle Rudolph to eventually replace Tony Gonzalez. But the MTD crew is high on Rudolph — they’re calling him a can’t-pass-upper at that point in the draft and a player who could contribute even before Gonzo moves along. The Birds seem to like Michael Palmer and Justin Peelle, and Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez proved value tight ends can be had later on. Is Rudolph worth delaying a line upgrade?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.