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2011 Super Bowl Odds Update: Falcons And Packers Edge Steelers, Seattle Seahawks Slash Odds

When last we took a look at Super Bowl odds, the Atlanta Falcons were even money with the Pittsburgh Steelers to win it all, behind only the New England Patriots. But the Seattle Seahawks have helped to fix all that by knocking out the New Orleans Saints, providing whichever team does win the Packers-Falcons deathmatch with an easier road. The Steelers getting yet another rematch with the Baltimore Ravens helped, too.


According to Bodog the Falcons are now at 11/2, the same as the Pack. With the Georgia Dome deathmatch removing a prime competitor, the Chicago Bears odds have dropped to 8/1 from 12/1. But Vegas isn't quite counting out the Hawks -- their odds have tumbled from a novelty 100/1 to 40/1.


The New York Jets have the second-longest odds, having drawn the Pats. New England obliterated the Jets earlier this year in one of the biggest sonnings of the NFL season -- this week is going to be entertaining, but the Jets have a tough test.

  1. Patriots 8/5
  2. ↵
  3. Falcons 11/2
  4. ↵
  5. Packers 11/2
  6. ↵
  7. Steelers 6/1
  8. ↵
  9. Bears 8/1
  10. ↵
  11. Ravens 9/1
  12. ↵
  13. Jets 12/1
  14. ↵
  15. Seahawks 40/1
  16. ↵

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.