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AFC Championship Game Rooting Interests: Jets Or Steelers?

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As we did with the NFC Championship Game, it’s time to break down the AFC title game between the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers according to how Georgia each team’s roster is. You obviously have already decided to root for the Jets because you like fun more than you like concussions and assault, but this is still an important exercise.

Former state players

Steelers: four (Hines Ward, Georgia; Keyaron Fox and Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech; Nick Eason, Lyons, GA)
Jets: one (Marcus Dixon, Rome, GA)

Hate to say it as I’m blatantly rooting for the Jets no matter what this formula cranks out, but whether you’re a Dawgs or Jackets fan you’re leaning toward the Steelers over any other team left in the playoffs. Ward is the most noteworthy local product remaining, while Fox is going to play more than the other Tech man, Green Bay’s Morgan Burnett, who is out injured. Dwyer does not play very often.

Former Falcons

Unless I’m totally missing somebody, I do not see any former Falcons on either team’s roster.

Former SEC players

Steelers: nine
Jets: five

You’re telling me the entire AFC Championship Game only has one more SEC player than the Bears roster alone? NORTHEAST MEDIA BIAS. Also, this tally again flouts my decision to root for the Jets regardless.

Former ACC players

Steelers: 10
Jets: five

Again, the math is a strong Pittsburgh fandom indicator here. If only the Jets weren’t lovable and the Steelers weren’t a bunch of headhunters with a deplorable quarterback, all this might’ve actually made a difference.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.