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2011 NFL Draft: Patrick Peterson Meets With Panthers, Saints ... Wait, Saints?

LSU Tigers CB Patrick Peterson is expected to be a top-five pick, going as high as No. 3 in many 2011 NFL mock drafts. SB Nation’s most recent sent him to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 5. But if Senior Bowl meetings are any indication, Peterson could go quite a bit higher than that.

The No. 1 Carolina Panthers will meet with Peterson this week, as will the No. 2 Denver Broncos and a few other teams. The most interesting team on Peterson’s schedule: the New Orleans Saints, who pick No. 24. The LSU cornerback/returner extraordinaire will not be available that late in the draft. Saints looking to move up?

We do know New Orleans is interested in picking a cornerback at some point, as they’ve also had a word with Louisville Cardinals CB Johnny Patrick, a likely second-rounder.

Think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might take a look too? Ronde Barber’s not getting any younger. I would say the whole NFC South should join in, but the Falcons have a lot of money tied up at cornerback right now.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.