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2011 Pro Bowl Practice Video: Matt Ryan Mic'd Up With Michael Vick, Drew Brees

Matt Ryan was one of the nine Atlanta Falcons to make the 2011 Pro Bowl and he was mic'd up during the NFC practice. has the entertaining video. During the almost two-minute clip Ryan shares with us that he didn't realize kids went to school in Hawaii. To be honest, it's a fair observation. You think of honeymoons and vacations when picturing Hawaii but rarely do you realize that people have live there and have jobs and school and such.

We also see a lot more interaction between Ryan and Michael Vick. Ryan even jokes about how old Vick is getting while Drew Brees stands by. Mike Smith's safari hat is seen and Ryan questions its' coolness factor. There's glimpes of Eric Weems, Tony Gonzalez and even Roddy "I don't feel like running today" White. And finally "Blue 80" makes an appearance on nearly every snap Ryan takes from the imaginary center. The embedded video is included for all your viewing enjoyment.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.