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2011 Super Bowl Odds: Falcons And Steelers Only Topped By Patriots

Bodog has released Super Bowl XLV winner odds, with the New England Patriots the significant favorite. The Pats are the only team with better odds than the Atlanta Falcons, though the Pittsburgh Steelers also tie Atlanta.


Vegas likes the Chicago Bears, the only other team with a first-round bye, less than the No. 3 Philadelphia Eagles and wild-card New Orleans Saints. The Bears also have the same odds as two other wild cards. And that's with a first-round bye and a home game! Now do you see why we've been rooting so hard for them to get the No. 2 seed?


According to the money, the NFC road to the Super Bowl is going to be tougher than the AFC's. Except for the Seattle Seahawks, the entire NFC field is in the top eight, while three of the four least-valued teams are in the AFC.


If you're not used to reading odds, just think of those numbers as fractions. The Falcons and Steelers are basically 5.5/1, meaning Vegas has about twice as much confidence in them as they do the Eagles, at this point at least. And the Pats are thus expected to pull in something like five times as many bets to win the Super Bowl as the Saints for the time being.

  1. New England Patriots: 2/1
  2. ↵
  3. Atlanta Falcons: 11/2 ↵↵(tie)
  4. ↵
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers: 11/2 ↵↵(tie)
  6. ↵
  7. New Orleans Saints: 10/1
  8. ↵
  9. Philadelphia Eagles: 11/1
  10. ↵
  11. Baltimore Ravens: 12/1 (tie)
  12. ↵
  13. Chicago Bears: 12/1 ↵↵(tie)
  14. ↵
  15. Green Bay Packers: 12/1 ↵↵(tie)
  16. ↵
  17. Indianapolis Colts: 14/1
  18. ↵
  19. New York Jets: 20/1
  20. ↵
  21. Kansas City Chiefs: 35/1
  22. ↵
  23. Seattle Seahawks: 100/1
  24. ↵

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.