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Vince Young To Be Released Or Traded: Carolina Panthers Should Make A Move

The Carolina Panthers should consider giving Vince Young a fresh start.

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The Tennessee Titans have announced they'll cut ties with QB Vince Young this offseason. The enigmatic, streaky star has feuded with coach Jeff Fisher for months and seemingly longer, with Fisher earlier issuing an ultimatum that one of them must go. While there are plenty of teams that could use a strong, smart (when he wants to be), nimble quarterback -- Shutdown Corner has a list of such teams -- I think the Carolina Panthers should give him a shot.

But but Andrew Luck. Again, let's remember Carolina's offense is horrible all over, not just behind center. I'm still not clear on what Luck is going to be able to do while running for his life. At least by bringing in a free agent QB, Carolina could still use that pick to improve the rest of its offense. No offensive linemen are worth No. 1 money this year, so let's give them A.J. Green. One more set of eyes on Green equals +/- one fewer pass rusher, even though that's just a tertiary benefit of landing the draft's best player.

Bring in a coach who's proven he knows how to deal with players (like, say, Rob Ryan?) and structure an offense around Young, who was playing very well this year and should be in the prime of his career.

I might be doing the Madden-minded thing, the "They should sign T.O.!!!" thing, but I think this is different. Young has had issues in one place with one man. He hasn't soured team after team or coach after coach. He's been stuck in one bad situation -- yes, he's as responsible as anybody for the badness of that situation -- for his entire NFL life. Read this and tell me Young can't fit in anywhere.

If Michael Vick can find a new home and make it work, anybody can. Or, hey, draft Luck and watch him get sacked by John Abraham. Fine with me.

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