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New Orleans Saints Vs. Seattle Seahawks Score: 17-7 After Julius Jones Revenge Touchdown

New Orleans Saints RB Julius Jones became the first player to ever be released by a team and then score a playoff touchdown against that team in the same season. That’s awkward as hell syntax, but I tried it three different ways, and that’s the one that took. The Saints put together a 10-play, 83-yard drive to retake a two-score lead.

The Seattle Seahawks have a terrible defense, and it looks like Drew Brees and his ramshackle running game are going to score on just about every drive. Qwest Field’s big, bad home field advantage has forced a false start and may have encouraged a time out, but it’s not helping this secondary out all that much. The ball’s coming out quick, Brees hasn’t been grazed, and the Saints offensive line is winning.

Still, count on Seahawks special teams to make at least one decent play today — Leon Washington just made his first kick return, taking it out a little bit past the 30. And heeere comes Matt Hasselbeck.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.