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New Orleans Saints Vs. Seattle Seahawks Score: 17-17 After Julius Jones Fumble

New Orleans Saints RB Julius Jones got a bit of revenge against the team that cut him earlier this year, but just put the ball on the ground to set the Seattle Seahawks up to tie the ballgame halfway through the second quarter.

On the first play of the drive following John Carlson’s second touchdown, Jones fumbled while running up the middle. The Smurfs pulled the ball out of the pileup, but really couldn’t do much of anything with it. Luckily they were already in range, booting a 29-yarder.

Qwest Field forced a second false start, and I take back my previous disappointment. The Seahawks just sacked Drew Brees with only three men rushing to end New Orleans’ latest drive, forcing a punt. This place is rocking, family.

The Seahawks are within 25 yards of the Saints, with Matt Hasselbeck’s 103 leading the way. Brees is up to 118, with the cobbled-together Saints backfield producing 49 yards on 13 totes.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.