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New Orleans Saints Vs. Seattle Seahawks Score: Julius Jones Avenges Post-Revenge Fumble, 34-27 Hawks

With New Orleans Saints RBs Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory out, it makes sense that Julius Jones has played quite a role in this game, but this is quite a tale he’s weaving. After scoring a touchdown against the team that cut him earlier in the year, he fumbled to set up a Seattle score, and has just scored another touchdown to bring the Saints within a touchdown with 13 minutes left.

The Saints drove 87 yards in 12 plays after a dropped pass, a somewhat questionable pass interference non-call,and a delay of game penalty forced Seattle to punt from the brink of field goal territory.

It’s not clear whether Jones made it into the end zone before his knee struck the turf, but the Saints would’ve had the ball an inch away, and nobody in the building or elsewhere would expect Seattle’s defense to stop New Orleans from getting an inch.

With the ball back and a chance to chew up clock, Seattle went three and out. The last down was an overthrow of Mike Williams that would’ve resulted in just about the easiest 70-yard touchdown of the season.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.