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VIDEOS: Marshawn Lynch's Touchdown Run Vs. Saints

Once the New Orleans Saints pulled to within four at 34-30, you just had the feeling the Seattle Seahawks luck had run out. It’s happened countless times before where the underdog hangs with the favorite for a while but eventually the clock strikes midnight and order is restored. I said, that’s what usually happens. In this case, Marshawn Lynch broke the clock over Tracy Porter’s head on his way to a punishing 67-yard run through the Saints tired defense.

Behold the madness courtesy of @bubbaprog’s

Via @bubbaprog's

Via @jose3030

Lynch, who’s done nothing of significance since his days in Buffalo, looked like Earl Campbell as he bulldozed the New Orleans secondary giving the Seahawks a 41-30 lead and a trip to either Atlanta or Chicago next weekend. It’s one of the biggest upsets in playoff history and one that nobody saw coming, despite what you’ll read later tonight.

The Saints moved down the field to cut the lead to five – after a failed 2-point conversion – but the Seahawks held on for a 41-36 victory.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.