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Falcons Vs. Packers: B.J. Raji Still Talking Trash About Not Talking Trash

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When last Green Bay Packers lummox B.J. Raji commented on the state of relations between the Atlanta Falcons and the Pack, we noted his remarks were not inaccurate and moved along. But for some reason the big fellow won't let up:

"They have a long way to go," Raji said of being a Packers rival. "For it to be a rivalry, you have to win meaningful games. They're just another opponent. They have a long way to go.

Pretty sure nobody 'round here claimed Green Bay as a rival. A haunting presence as of late, sure. But despite playing each other thrice in two years, there's just not enough familiarity there to call it a rivalry, historically, geographically or otherwise. It's well-known in message board world, of course, that the ultimate rivalry tactic is to refer to a rival as a non-rival, but we'll give Raji the benefit of the doubt, since, again, Falcons fans don't think of Green Bay as a traditional rival.

On he went:

"Now that we abused them, for the second time in a row, at their home, there's nothing really to do," Raji said. "If they want to play us again, tell them to come up to Lambeau. That's it. That's how we're doing it."

Eleven-point win. Felt like abuse for most of the game, though. Mike Smith is 2-2 against the Packers, with one of his wins coming at Lambeau. In the postseason, the Falcons are 1-1 all-time against Green Bay.

For a gentleman who claims such a distanced perspective on the series, Raji sure has made for a lot of easy articles around the country so far.

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