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If Atlanta Falcons Are Gonna Play In Texas, They Gotta Have A Field Position Advantage

Some would say the Atlanta Falcons offense has provided a point of contention. Others would not. One thing most Falcons fans can agree on is that the team looks like a whole 'nother operation when working from its no-huddle attack. But it's run so tantalizingly seldom, which we've learned is largely due to field position constraints.

Let's devour a few more morsels about the object of our INTENSE YEARNING, including its secret code name:

All-Pro wide receiver Roddy White believes the offense could run the no-huddle for an entire game. "We could just about throw anything in there and roll like that," White said. "Whatever we want to do, we can pretty much put it in Texas or go to the sidelines and put it in over there."    

(Why's it called Texas? Well, offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey has never played for or coached any Texas teams. Thus opponents don't expect it to be called Texas, you understand.)

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.