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The Walking Dead's Favorite Football Team: Your Atlanta Falcons!

No, it's not Sam Baker's pass protection: If AMC's sophomore smash hit "The Walking Dead" holds to its original comic book counterpart, Deputy Rick Grimes and his survivors are headed south and out of Atlanta, but a fictional Falcon is about to cross their paths. 

Without spoiling just about everything that's likely to happen in season two, the band of survivors meet newer, non-zombified humans on their search for safety, and one might include Tyreese, a man recognized as a retired ex-Atlanta Falcon, whose playing days were cut short after '98 by injuries. (BREAKING: JAMAL ANDERSON IS FIGHTING THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE)

Short of Dale delivering a hatchet haymaker to a zombified (or not) Eugene Robinson, this is a damn cool tie-in to cable television's hottest program. Your move, "Treme:" Our fictitious former players are fighting off the end of the world. But you know, Steve Zahn's political spoken word concerts are cool, too.

Football Bonus! If this report is to be believed, actor Keith Allen Hayes has been cast as Tyreese. Hayes would join cast member IronE Singleton as the second "Blind Side" actor to join "Dead" (both were shot in Atlanta).

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.