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Atlanta Falcons Trade Deadline Opportunities: Jason Smith, Martellus Bennett Possibilities For Atlanta

With the NFL trade deadline set to take effect at 4:00 PM Tuesday, the Falcons wouldn't appear to be the sort of team in selling mode. Having just won a critical NFC South matchup against Carolina only a few days prior, Atlanta has pulled to an even 3-3 and now sits only one game back of both the Bucs and Saints

Therefore, we have to consider if the Falcons might try and make a move before the afternoon deadline. While the Falcons haven't been the sort of team to make deadline acquisitions under Comrade Dimitroff, you also have to wonder how invested the front office is in this season. They signed Ray Edwards and traded a boatload of picks for Julio Jones.

But given the team's numerous problems apparent over the first five weeks, are the Falcons really one player away from returning to their former glory?

My first answer is most likely "no." While last Sunday's win over the Panthers was certainly an improvement, the Falcons' issues aren't ones that will be quickly solved with a simple trade. However if the Falcons do intend to make a move, it will most likely be a minor one. Here are a few possibilities I see open for the Dirty Birds:

DE Juqua Parker, Eagles: Given the rash of injuries that have plagued this team, mostly on the offensive and defensive lines, they could look to upgrade in those areas. One guy rumored to be on the trading block is Eagles DE Juqua Parker. Parker would be nothing more than depth at a pretty deep position, but given that Cliff Matthews hasn't been active in several weeks that may be something the Falcons consider.

TE Martellus Bennett, Cowboys: Another option could be a cheap tight end that would present an upgrade over current No. 2 man Reggie Kelly. Martellus Bennett, who currently sits behind Jason Witten on the Cowboys depth chart, certainly comes to mind.

Jerry Jones reportedly rejected an offer from the Bengals, however, so the chances of a deal happening seem more unlikely than not. But so many teams now, the Patriots and Panthers to name a couple, are using two pass-catching tight ends in their offensive sets. Bennett could be worth some serious consideration.

OT Jason Smith, Rams: However, one very interesting name I have seen thrown around among the dark halls of the Internet is Rams OT Jason Smith. Once a top draft pick, he has developed rather slowly and like Aaron Curry simply has not met expectations. The sentiments regarding Smith is that perhaps all he needs is a "change of scenery." I'm sure the Falcons would welcome the added depth along the O-line.

Perhaps he could even have a shot at the right guard spot, considering Garrett Reynolds' struggles this season. A right tackle by nature, Smith's run blocking skills have never been in question, and he may bring more to the table in terms of pass protection.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.