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Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football Projections, Week Seven: More Michael Turner, Por Favor

If you were like the many Michael Turner owners who were wondering where his production went all of a sudden, I'm sure you were delighted to see that Turner demolished the Panthers defense as expected. What's more, the Falcons' next opponent- the Detroit Lions- will be sending out an equally underachieving rush defense.

Guess what that means? More Burner. For whatever the reason may be (I'll talk about that more later this week), the Falcons seem to win every time Turner gets 20+ carries in a football game. Now from a football standpoint- heck, for the sake of Turner's health even- I hope this doesn't continue. But from a fantasy perspective, this is great news as it only looks to continue.

As for the likes of Matt Ryan and Roddy White, their secondary role in the win against the Panthers also appears to continue, if at least for the next week. That said, here are your week seven Falcons fantasy projections:


  • QB Matt Ryan: 14.02 points (20.98 completions, 244.35 yards, 1.44 TDs, 1.18 INTs
  • RB Michael Turner: 13.76 points (15.26 carries, 75.63 yards, 0.68 TDs)
  • WR Roddy White: 10.13 points (5.00 recs, 62.68 yards, 0.58 TDs)
  • WR Julio Jones: 6.49 points (3.49 recs, 52.06 yards, 0.21 TDs)
  • WR Harry Douglas: 3.04 points (1.69 recs, 21.01 yards, 0.16 TDs)
  • TE Tony Gonzalez: 5.10 points (3.35 recs, 38.00 yards, 0.22 TDs)
  • K Matt Bryant: 7.38 points (1.40 FG, 2.64 XP)
  • Atlanta D/ST: 7.25 points (18.70 points allowed, 1.72 sacks, 1.72 turnovers)
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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.