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Falcons Vs. Lions: Jim Schwartz Should Probably Let Mike Smith Shake His Hand However He Pleases

Not that we've gone back and researched the behavioral patterns of Mike Smith after every win he's experienced as the Atlanta Falcons head coach, but it's safe to say he's not one to get all Jim Harbaugh jumpy. Mike's a quiet guy. He likes to fish

Then again, according to Falcons linebacker Stephen Nicholas, if the spirit moved Smith to bear hug and/or suplex Lions head coach Jim Schwartz if the Falcons win this Sunday, Schwartz would be best off shutting up and taking it. Nicholas was asked about his coach's in-ring potential by the media Wednesday:

"Ha-ha, no, Coach ... ha-ha, I knew that was coming," Nicholas said. "No, Coach Smith is a tough guy, so he can handle his own. I'm pretty sure he's a professional at that, shaking hands, so no worries, no worries."

And if it came down to a fight, Nicholas said he'd go with Smith.

Hell yes he would go with Smith, considering the mild mannered, soft-spoken man in charge has been dropping disrespectful young'ins in the yard long before it was en vogue for head coaches to get their beatdown on. It's never the chatty ones you worry about - is it, Deangelo?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.