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Matt Ryan Injury: QB's Toughness Energizes Falcons, Says Mike Smith

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan underwent an MRI exam on Monday which did not reveal any damage to his knee or ankle. Ryan isn't expected to miss any time with the injury and will have plenty of time to heal up with the Falcons on their bye week.  

Head coach Mike Smith talked about Matt Ryan's toughness and the importance of an injured player picking himself up off the turf and getting back in the game. 

I think it's very important. Without a doubt, Matt Ryan is a leader of our football team and to see him be able to get up from some of the unfortunate hits that he's had to take throughout the year, I think it not only energizes the offense but it energizes the defense and our entire football team. Really, when any of our guys are down and they get back up and we know that we can have them back out on the playing field, I think it helps, whether it's an offensive lineman, a starter that gets nicked and gets back in there. I think we feel a lot more confident with those guys in the mix than we do with our backups.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.