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Roddy White, Ndamukong Suh Enter Round Three In Matt Ryan Tauntgate

I don't follow Ndamukong Suh closely enough to know how much patience he has with this kind of thing, but as an Atlanta Falcons fan, I'm pretty sure Roddy White will keep talking about it as long as may be deemed necessary. To recap: White, along with Todd McCluresaid Suh and Cliff Avril were mockingly calling for Atlanta medical staff when Matt Ryan was downed on Sunday.

White was also quoted as saying Avril was kicking Ryan's feet, though Ryan's name was inserted in that quote parenthetically.

Rrrrround two! Suh and Avril denied the charge, with Suh dropping a "Rodney White" in the process. A devastating blow! Now White has leapt back into battle again:

"I just know he's going to say whatever he wants to say, but we know what they said,'' White said. "We were standing right there in the huddle, we saw when he went down and that's before the medical staff got there that they said was in front of the play. We didn't say he kicked Matt; we said one of the guys, I don't know if it was 92 or 93, one of the defensive ends, came over and he was making kicking gestures like, 'Get him out of here, get him out of here.' 

"I know Suh said what he said. He said, 'Go get the cart for him, get him out of here.' He knows he said that and we're not going to go back and forth about what he said-she said. And then he's going to say it was karma for what we've done in the past when their quarterback [Matthew Stafford] gets hurt on the last play of the game and they have an MRI today."     

I'd expect (HOPE) that to be the end of it, but if Suh's anything like Roddy, this could end with a two-hour televised debate and Zapruder'd game tape.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.