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Ovie Mughelli Injury: How Terrified Should Falcons Fans Be? (We Don't Know)

This is one of those instances where coachspeak is detrimental to a fan base's level of panic: The Atlanta Falcons have lost their Pro Bowl fullback Ovie Mughelli, rarely a ball carrier but often the best blocker on the field, for the season.

THIS SEASON IS DOOMED. (yes? doomed? right?) We're not entirely sure, and now would be a great time for an NFL analyst to do something other than wear garish suits and laugh assuredly among his peers on a spaceship set. Mughelli is a crucial element to the run game, but HOW CRUCIAL? TELL US HOW TO THINK AND HURRY

Mughelli is not Matt Ryan, whom we thought we'd lost forever for about two plays on Sunday. He's not Michael Turner, nor is he even a top three candidate for backfield production. Jason Snelling and Jaquizz Rogers would assumedly be more valuable to this offense. Right? RIGHT?

Our creeping dread is rooted in the fact that the Falcons' stabilizing two-game win streak has come from a reversion (regression?) to the 2010 run game and not an evolution (overreach?) to the "explosive play" passing game with rookie Julio Jones. And as talk show host in the making Todd McClure tells us in this play breakdown, Mughelli's blocks set up Turner's explosive runs, which sealed Atlanta's desperately needed win at Detroit. 

Does a Jason Snelling have all the same parts as Mughelli? Can we build a new Ovie Mughelli? How retired is Fred McCrary? Does the entire season and the future of the whole Falcons organization hinge upon Julio Jones single handedly instantly transforming this team into the Packers, again? Fullbacks are confusing.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.