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Falcons Vs. Seahawks: Surges, Collapses And Recency Effect

What if the Atlanta Falcons had found themselves down, 21-7, at halftime against the Seattle Seahawks? What if they'd come back to win, 30-28? Would Falcons County (it's not quite a Nation) be wrenching its eyes out right now with sorrow over a second-half spree by Tarvaris Jackson, or would it instead be whewing at how the Birds overcame a rough first half?

Consider this quote by Matt Ryan:

I think we made enough plays to win. It doesn't matter when they come; they can come in the first half, first series, second quarter, but we made enough plays offensively and defensively to come away with the win. We prepare every week knowing it's going to take the full 60 minutes.

Good plays contribute to wins, whether they arrive on the opening kickoff or as field goals before halftime or penalties right before the last play of the game. The Falcons-Seahawks second half happened most recently, via being the second half, so that's the part we remember more. It's science.

I'm not happy about Atlanta's pass defense going all squishy, again, while what had worked for the offense in the first half stopped working in the second, again. But if, for once, the Falcons played a great second half after playing a great first half, there would be considerably less angst about a road (and I do mean ROAD -- Seattle is FAR, and that crowd is LOUD) win over a talented, young team with a good defense and a couple tricky offensive playmakers.

Besides ... during that great first half, it's not like somebody didn't warn you this was going to happen:

It's not a classic Falcons win until the Seahawks storm back in the third to lose 35-33, y'all.
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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.