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Falcons Vs. Packers Halftime Score: Dirty Birds Leading The Pack 14-6

So, more bad news: Chris Owens is now out of the game, having gotten injured on the ensuing Packers punt return. After a short one-yard return, the Pack were set up at the Atlanta 44 in good field position. Unfortunately, this is when having a good punter would have come into play.

After spreading the ball around the field as Aaron Rodgers often does, the Falcons managed to contain Green Bay enough to force a third-and-two at the seven. But then the Packers became their own biggest obstacle. A holding penalty called back a would-be first down, and on the very next play Jermichael Finley dropped what surely would have been a touchdown catch.

Yet again, the Falcons defense was able to limit the Packers to only a field goal. Though they only lead 14-6, this is the some of the best football I've seen the Falcons play all year. The offense had two excellent drives, and the defense has come up big in the red zone. Maintaining possession of the football hasn't hurt, either.

A remarkable statistic to mull over: Mike Smith is 29-1 while leading at halftime as a head coach. Let's hope the "Seattle Falcons" don't rear their ugly heads this week. We all certainly know what Rodgers is capable of. It's time to see the Falcons play a full 60 minutes and finish strong.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.