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Falcons Vs. Saints: Have College Football Headlines Overshadowed The Rivalry, Or Are We All Maturing?

Monumental doings on the collegiate football front cast a pall over all sports this far South, so it's understandable that the renewal of the NFL's best rivalry right now has flown under the radar this week. That being said, GET YOUR HEAD RIGHT, ATLIENS: The barbarians approach, with first place in the division dangling from their mongrel jaws.

With LSU's somewhat noticeable season and Georgia's improbable resurrection and it being Auburn week (oh hello, requisite Squidbillies link), the Saints and Birds likely needed some off-field jabbering betwitxt the teams or fan bases to scare up some headlines and fresh hate, and no one's come through as of midday Friday. Roddy White is quiet. I've been quiet. What's wrong?

Maybe the Falcons and Saints have evolved; perhaps both fan bases are growing into the kind of muted resignation of a Steelers/Ravens dynamic, that yeah, we hate the hell out of you, but we've said our bit time and again, and this football game's about to hurt because we're both good and 24-21 division games are trauma on the field and migraines in the stands. Does that border on a burgeoning respect between the two clubs? Perhaps.

Or maybe there just hasn't been a benefit concert littered with trend whoring celebrities recently enough to make America's most overinflated football franchise stay artificially relevant on a national level. I hear Green Day's next faux-punk musical is about the travails of choreographing a halftime concert to help sell shitty records under the guise of rebuilding the urban blight of a city they've never heard of.

Damn. Almost made it this time. Oh well.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.