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NFC South Report: Roddy White, Fat Guy Touchdowns, And The Panthers

The Saints got to sit this week while the rest of the division got to have fun. For a while it looked like both the Bucs and Panthers were poised to take out NFC North heavyweights, but alas it wasn't to be as both teams faltered in the second half to chalk up losses. Atlanta ensured they wouldn't waste their chance against Tennessee this week and closed out the Titans in a game that saw rookie Jake Locker get his first regular season TD. Let's start with the Falcons shall we, as we take a look at our awesome of the weekend.

The Awesome- Roddy White

The enigmatic nature to the Falcons right now seems to be deciphering if White and Julio Jones can co-exist as they've traded off good and bad games for much of 2011. With Jones missing the game due to injury it was time for White to grab the ring and prove he's still one of the NFC's elite wide receivers.

His 7 reception, 147 yard game wasn't spotless as he did drop a couple passes, an all too familiar sight this season. However when he made a ludicrous sideline catch on a 42 yard Matt Ryan bomb, much was forgiven.

The Abysmal- Carolina giving it away in the second half

Most know the Panthers are still in the rebuilding process, but it's disheartening for their fans to come out strong and then give away a game when it was in their graps. The Panthers were leading the Lions by 13 points heading into the half, but then were then steamrolled late in the game before finally losing by two scores.

If there's a saving grace it's that it appears this wont last too long for Carolina. They seem poised to return to prominence sooner rather than later, and that in itself is reason to be excited if you're a Panthers fan.

The Asinine- B.J. Raji's impression of Mike Alstott 

If you saw the Packers nose tackle play late Halloween dress up then you know what I'm talking about. Part genius, part insanity the Green Bay Packers elected to have the mammoth nose tackle take a hand-off from Aaron Rodgers and pound it into the endzone. In this was he mirrored Bucs legendary FB Mike Alstott whilst giving us another facet of the Packers offense to fear, as if there weren't enough already... yeesh.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.