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Bobby Petrino Is A Hypocritical, Sniveling Sore Loser, As Proven By Math

We don't want you to think that a staff comprised almost entirely of Atlanta Falcons fans ignored Bobby Petrino's epic, cherry red-chapped case of the butthurt after last Friday's 41-17 dismantling of the Arkansas Razorbacks by No. 1-ranked LSU and that charming cad Les Miles. 

Ostensibly Petrino was sore about LSU's alleged running up of the score, despite the fact there's the little argument that BCS title contenders have to display healthy margins of victory to impress voters, and that Miles was criticized the week prior for basically kneeling on the ball for 45 minutes (minutes of game time, mind you) against hapless Ole Miss. 

When judging the merits of Petrino's temper tantrum, here's some fun facts to consider:

  • On Friday, the Tigers beat Arkansas by a margin of 24 points, entering the fourth quarter with a scant 24-17 lead before closing out the Hogs with a 17-point fourth quarter - the margin Petrino apparently deemed as unsportsmanlike and piling on.
  • A week prior, Arkansas led Mississippi State at home (Little Rock) 37-10, a margin of 27 points, with less than five minutes remaining in the game. Arkansas would punch in a touchdown to lead 44-10 with 4:13 remaining en route to a 44-17 win, a margin of 27 points.
  • Two weeks before Petrino's britches got fussy in Baton Rogue, his Razorbacks were routing Tennessee 35-7 in Fayetteville after three quarters, a margin of 28 points. Did he call off his Hogs? Of course not - Arkansas would score twice more, including a touchdown with under seven minutes remaining to thrash the Vols 49-7, a margin of 42 points.
  • Petrino's points fetish isn't a recent development: The Louisville Courier-Journal pointed out that his Cardinal teams hung points totals of 62 and 69 and once scored 70 on Cincinnati. 

Just another logical, reasonable week at The Shroud of the Ozarks.

    Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.