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Falcons Fantasy Football Projections, Week Ten: The 'Aints Come To Town

It's week ten, and this Sunday will feature a huge matchup between the Falcons and their bitter division rival the New Orleans Saints. While Drew Brees and his crew have been great on offense yet again, NoLa's defensive unit has been remarkably... average. <insert obligatory "who dat" joke here>.

While they certainly have talented personnel, including a pretty dang good defensive line, they simply haven't come up with the takeaways as in years past (which in fact is something the Falcons have been great at this year). With the 17th ranked rush defense and 15th ranked total defense up next, the Falcons will have some decent fantasy plays this week, but nothing special. Full projections below:

Basically, this week looks to be same old story for the Falcons: Ryan, Turner, White, and Jones all look like great plays this week. Even perhaps Atlanta D/ST, who are facing a (somewhat) struggling Brees this week and are coming off a dominant performance against the Colts.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.