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Jim Mora To UCLA The Perfect Answer To Lane Kiffin And USC, Minus The Maturity And Tact

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Kudos to SB Nation lieutenant and EDSBS'er Luke Zimmerman, whose sniper precise trolling got us noticing the doppelganger-like tendencies between UCLA new hire and former Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora and current USC coach Lane Kiffin. Minus Kiffin's track record of stable program building, grace under fire, maturity and tact.

In Mora UCLA has opted to out-brahsome the USC coaching staff, versus a move that might rival recruiting or talent development. It's a gamble, but we always love the charisma of a devil-may-care tactician in battle, which is apparently the style of this Chianti Dan fellow in the Bruins' athletic department(warning, link contains critical levels of spite). 

Mora's most notable job was with the Atlanta Falcons, where he failed to develop quarterback Mike Vick on the field, institute any control of his star player off of it, brandished a bromance with the team's most volatile and acidic personality, bullied media members when confused and likely fought back the urge to start each of his Monday press conferences with the salvo "Guys, isn't this NFL thing just fuckin' awesome?"

None of those tendencies should affect the performance of a highly visible coaching figure in the nation's second-largest media market. You'll be fine, Bruin brahs.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.