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NFL Picks, Week 15: Saints-Vikings, Patriots-Broncos, Steelers-49ers And More

With two Week 15 games already in the books, the playoff picture becomes clearer with today's NFL action - and your chances on padding your own pockets are running out as well. The picks are here!

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The picks:

Miami (-1 1/2) @ Buffalo. Remember when the Bills were 5-2, and we were all thinking, "Wow, Chan Gailey has really turned this team around." We should have been smarter about that, I think. PICK: Miami

Seattle @ Chicago (-3 1/2). For a game with legitimate playoff ties, could this one seem any more boring? Tarvaris Jackson vs. Caleb Hanie, 6-7 at 7-6; even the weather is playing along with a sunny day expected in Chicago. Could we get a blizzard, at least? PICK: Seattle

Carolina @ Houston (-5 1/2). Much like our early season Chan Gailey love, this "wow, T.J. Yates is really good!" talk will bite us before season's end. Just try to say it out loud. Don't you feel a little bit silly? PICK: Carolina

Tennessee (-8) @ Indianapolis. You're giving Dan Orlovsky eight points at home?! Christmas has come early this year, baby! ... No, kidding, bet the Titans with all of your lifeforce. PICK: Tennessee

Green Bay (-15) @ Kansas City. If the Packers had given any indication they were even tapping the brakes, I'd try to talk you into taking the Chiefs at home. Thing is, Green Bay tends to beat bad teams like they were bad teams - Oakland by 30, Minnesota by 38, Rams by 21. They'll roll in Arrowhead. PICK: Green Bay

New Orleans (-7 1/2) @ Minnesota. There's a strange hint of upset emanating from this game, and as a Falcons fan, I'm going to go with it. Unlike the Packers, the Saints do lose to bad teams (Bucs, Rams) and it seems they're overdue for a heartbreaker. It actually doesn't do a whole lot for Atlanta's postseason, so I'm thinking this isn't just Homer-talk. PICK: Minnesota

Washington @ NY Giants (-7 1/2). Calling a Redskins victory right here would be homer-talk, because that would assist Atlanta more than any Saints win. Sadly, Homer has left the building. I'm not anticipating this Eli-playing-like-Peyton stuff to last all the way into the playoffs, but it will against a Redskins team that's given up 68 points in its last two games. PICK: NY Giants

Cincinnati (-7 1/2) @ St. Louis. Move along. Nothing to see here. (Unless you have A.J. Green or Steven Jackson on your fantasy team, of course.) PICK: Cincinnati

Detroit @ Oakland (PICK). The Raiders are short one Mr. Darren McFadden, which makes this line one of the more curious of the day. Still, it's probably the best non-Tebow game on today's schedule, and could get nasty by the time fans start filing out. PICK: Detroit

Cleveland @ Arizona (-7 1/2). I'm writing something for this game for one reason: the only guy who claims to be a regular reader is a Browns fan, and I don't want to disappoint him (any more than his team already has). Unfortunately, I don't have good news to impart, as the Cardinals are gelling right now and get to .500 with a win here. PICK: Arizona

New England (-9) @ Denver. Earlier this week, I heard 90% of gambling action was going toward New England. The nation largely remains outside of the Tebow Believer camp. But I don't, y'all. This is the biggest regular season game of the year, and I have a feeling it will play out that way too. Timmy will not only cover, Timmy will win. Praise be to Allah. PICK: Denver

NY Jets @ Philadelphia (-1 1/2). PICK: Philadelphia

Baltimore (-2) @ San Diego. It's "The Battle of Star QBs Who Are Stars Largely Because The Media Tells Us They Are!" The Chargers have won a couple games of late, but it's still a bad football team that will finish under-.500 The Ravens shouldn't have a problem here. PICK: Baltimore

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco (-2 1/2). Way to go, Monday Night Football. After presenting us with last week's Rams-Seahawks barn-burner, ESPN gets one right with this bound-to-be-bloody clash. That said, I still feel both of these teams are destined for early playoff exits, so waking up Tuesday morning with no significant injuries could be considered a win in itself. They'll need all the help they can get in January. PICK: Pittsburgh

For the rest of the season, the non-Sunday picks will be posted that day to Twitter: follow @joshmassey1

Thursday/Saturday games: 1-1
Last week: 8-8-0

Yearly total: 112-94-4

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.