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Former Falcon Harvey Dahl Channels Atlanta's Cee-Lo Green

When the Atlanta Falcons chose to give up guard Harvey Dahl to free agency before the 2011 season, several local media outlets bemoaned the absence of "nastiness" Dahl brought to Atlanta's offensive line during their superb 2010 season protecting Matt Ryan and opening running lanes for Michael Turner.


Courtesy of Deadspin, Dahl reminded the entire city of St. Louis and a CBS viewing audience just exactly what kind of attitude he took to St. Louis for a fat contract, dropping a glorious F-bomb right into the live mic of a referee in the process of announcing a penalty on Dahl for holding. CBS' booth flailed in horror, the tactful P.A. team at the Edward Jones Dome played the radio edit of "F--k You" by Atlantan Cee-Lo Green, and Falcons fans shed a small tear, wistful for Dahl's disposition and hoping for a similar gush of swears from Justin Blalock 


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.