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Falcons Vs. Saints: Betty White To Open Monday Night Football With Matt Ryan And Drew Brees

ESPN's stoking the bad blood of the NFL's oldest Southern rivalry in a crucial game for playoff positioning by hiring a logical celebrity - "Golden Girl" Betty White.

ESPN announced that White recently shot a holiday-themed opening for Monday Night Football's Falcons / Saints game that will also feature quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Drew Brees. Says the sunny publicity team at the WWL:

ESPN’s production team was looking to cast a warm grandmotherly type, and White was the perfect choice.

Everyone knows and loves Betty White. Her popularity spans all age groups and demographics — especially in the sports world after her memorable turn in this Super Bowl commercial last year.

Monday’s open highlights the competing NFC South teams and their dueling quarterbacks, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, not to mention White’s incredible comedic timing.

Not that we're stunned ESPN opted for a non-offensive route, but it's everyone's loss that producers didn't make the no-brainer casting assignment of Betty White and Roddy White, in which the generation, race and culture defying duo would trade sexual innuendos and slander various easily outraged cultural groups Roast-style. Alas. I'm sure whatever Betty quips alongside two milquetoast QBs will be just as funny (no it won't).

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.