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NFC South Report: Cam Newton, Atlanta's Defense And The Bucs

Two games in the division this week, two blowouts. While most of the NFL community thought that the Saints and Panthers would win this week, I don't think many expected the games to be as lopsided as they were. It was the QBs who defined these games with Drew Brees and Cam Newton besting Ryan and Freeman, who despite playing well didn't get any help from the rest of their team.

The awesome: NFC South Player of the Week- Cam Newton

I don't believe in giving players weekly awards solely because of career milestones. While it goes without saying that Drew Brees eclipsing Dan Marino's passing record is a remarkable achievement, in terms of a weekly player of the week this wasn't Brees' best performance.

In Charlotte, however, Cam Newton broke an all-time record of his own, Peyton Manning's rookie passing record- but he also played a wholly remarkable game. Finishing completing over 70% of his passes without turnover he finished with 239 total yards, but more importantly 4 total touchdowns. When it was all said and done Newton was the major reason of the Panthers' victory on Sunday, their 6th of the season,

The absymal: Atlanta's ability to score on Monday night

On twelve occasions the Falcons' got to start a drive, and on just five of those occasions they managed to turn these drives in to points. Granted, the defense should have done more to at least slow the New Orleans onslaught, but based on what we've seen this year from Atlanta they should have been able to put more points on the board.

Added to this problem was the fact the Falcons managed to gain 6 more yards of offense than the Saints did, but it was this inability to get the ball into the end zone that killed them.

The asinine: Buccaneers or butterfingers?

While Cam Newton and the Panthers played well on Saturday they were helped greatly by the grease on the fingers of Tampa Bay. The Bucs managed to fumble four times, losing three of them including one inane fumble by Kellen Winslow while attempting to hurdle the Carolina defenders. As each ball slipped away from Tampa you could feel the grasp of head coach Raheem Morris loosening on the the team also. It seems like a foregone conclusion he'll be fired, and this game proved it.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.