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Mike Mularkey, Jim Mora, Jr. (Not Gregg Williams) Among Titans Coaching Candidates

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You know that part in every scary movie when the star hears a strange sound and slowly creeps towards the closet door? The music increases in intensity with every step. Your heart is in your throat as they reach for the handle and THROW OPEN THE DOOR! The music cresendos and everybody jumps. Nothing. The closet is empty. The scare is over. Then out of nowhere, THE KILLER IS UNDER THE BED! This is called the secondary scare and it's what just happened to the Atlanta Falcons with the news that Mike Mularkey has been granted permission to interview for the Tennessee Titans head coaching job.

The Falcons thought they dodged a bullet when the two jobs Mularkey was a candidate for (Broncos and Browns) both filled their vacancies before the Falcons playoff run had ended. Even when Bill Musgrave signed on as the Vikings offensive coordinator the Falcons at least had Mularkey to keep the offensive coaching staff from complete disarray but disarray could be right around the corner if Mularkey wows the brass in Tennessee.

Of course, he'll have some competition. The Tennsseean reports former Falcons head coach and Mike Vick interviewer extraordinaire, Jim Mora Jr. has shown interest while Adam Schefter said current Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams are also interested in coaching Chris Johnson in 2011. Later, Schefter said Williams withdrew his name from consideration because of his loyalty to Jeff Fisher and the Saints.

However it shakes out, I'm sure one Matt Ryan is following the news closely as he's already lost his quarterbacks coach and may be facing next season with a new offensive coordinator.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.