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New Falcons Stadium Prospect May Have SEC Championship Game Waiting And Seeing

As the Atlanta Falcons look over the latest open-air stadium proposal in their quest to find a new home, the SEC and Georgia Dome have agreed to keep the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta through 2017. That date is significant because a Falcons stadium built according to the latest proposal would be open for business in 2017.

While I haven’t seen anything in which the SEC has said they’d prefer to know more about Atlanta’s football stadium situation beyond 2017 before committing further, the dates do line up in a way that suggests it’s a consideration. It would certainly make sense anyway, at least.

The SEC Championship Game is a keeper. The conference loves the facility, and programs across the Southeast make it an annual goal to reach the Dome. Having the biggest non-national title game in college athletics call Atlanta its annual home is something nobody wants to see ended, and something those rushing to build a new stadium should be mindful of.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.