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2011 Puppy Bowl Roster Rooting Interests: Duncan, A Damn Good Dawg

Implausibly, complete 2011 Puppy Bowl coverage can be found right here, including complete rosters, intro videos, and so forth. The thing, whatever it is, kicks off at 3 pm EST on Animal Planet, and is a far superior alternative to Bud Bowl or Women's Underwear Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl, but all right. Still: do you have rooting interests?


Indeed you do! Duncan, pictured above, hails from Georgia Animal Rescue and Defense Inc. He's a golden retriever/bulldog (GO DAWGS AR AR AR) mix, all of 16 weeks old. I don't know how to recommend you go about rooting for Duncan, whether he's playing on a team, whether that team will be too objectionable due to containing many dogs from east Alabama, or what, but LEGGGO DUNCAN.


Apparently this thing involves tantalizing technology like Puppy Cam, Water Bowl Cam, and a 3-d broadcast. Yep, still writing about Puppy Bowl. Almost done writing about Puppy Bowl.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.