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2011 Super Bowl Coin Flip: Deion Sanders And Other Hall Of Fame Inductees Included

Complete Super Bowl XLV pregame coverage at HQ, including word on who will be the designated honoree coin flipper as soon as the information works its way out. If it does, at least. But one thing we do know is former Atlanta Falcons CB Deion Sanders will be at midfield for the coin flip.

All of this year’s Hall of Fame inductees will be, in fact. Last year Emmitt Smith did the actual, physical task of coin-flipping, though in this year’s class there isn’t a clear standout.

Both Sanders and MarshallFaulk are among the best players ever at their positions, but I’d bet on Ed Sabol’s son doing the honors, if Sabol himself can’t make it out. The league knows it delayed Sabol’s induction just a little bit too long, as he’s been as big a part of the NFL’s success as anybody.

Besides, if Prime Time gets a hold of that big, silver coin, nobody’s getting it back, am I right? /sings “Must Be the Money”

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.