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VIDEO: Coca-Cola Vs. Pepsi Max In Super Bowl 2011 Commercial Soda Battle

Vist SB Nation's Super Bowl hub for video and commentary on all the best Super Bowl XLV commercials.

Atlanta's Coca-Cola is one of the big-name companies that almost always goes all-out with its Super Bowl commercials. The ad from last night's Super Bowl XLV was in line with the weird screensavery stuff they trot out before movie previews in theaters, where a bunch of steampunk flowers teach bugs to drink Coca-Cola Company brand beverages and diet beverages, but this one was actually the computer game you go to play after clicking away the screensaver. It had dragons and trolls in it:

Cute, funny, and memorable. You might think Coke would want to sell itself as the drink of choice for racists, walking stereotypes, and potential date rapists, all of which Pepsi decided to do:

Get it? That black woman is mean, and that black man just wants to have sex with white women.

Get it? That man is a caveman.

Not even trying to be a homer here, as I prefer to drink Pepsi over Coke on the rare occasion that I elect to drink soda. But Coke demolished Pepsi this time around. Both Pepsi commercials were basically just beer commercials, and that's pretty much the lowest grade you can give a Super Bowl ad.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.