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Jon Bon Jovi Confirms Interest In Buying Atlanta Falcons Ownership Stake

Jon Bon Jovi has confirmed to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen his desire to own a portion of the Atlanta Falcons franchise. The singer says he was approached by the Falcons months ago about a potential arrangement, and is now just waiting to see what happens.

Last month, Bon Jovi attended the team’s playoff loss against the Green Bay Packers, which somehow didn’t diminish his desire to invest money in the club.

Bon Jovi, via Mortensen:

Since helping to establish the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football team — from its inception through our 2008 championship season — I have always made clear my desire to someday enter the NFL.

That Bon Jovi describes himself as being approached by Arthur Blank’s people — and not the other way around — lends further credence to the idea that this is all about securing financial backing for a new stadium, at least on the Falcons end. The potential future minority owner of the team says he’s been looking for a way into NFL ownership for years now, a path that may or may not involve the Falcons.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.