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Michael Turner, Roddy White & John Abraham Prepare To Rewrite Atlanta Falcons' Record Book

For three Atlanta Falcons, the 2011 season could be a record-breaking one. Assuming of course there is a season. Which we are. For my own sanity, there has to be a season. Now, back to the topic at hand. Records be fallin'.

For 23 seasons, Gerald Riggs has held the Atlanta Falcons team record for rushing touchdowns in a career with 47. It likely won't last a 24th. Michael Turner, in only three seasons with the Falcons, has scored 39 rushing touchdowns. If he maintains his current average (13 touchdowns a year), Turner should be the new team leader by the 12th game in 2011. Turner could then set his sights on the team rushing record of 6,631 yards held by Riggs. Turner has an outside shot to claim that mark at the end of the 2012 season.

For more record-breaking goodness, follow me through the jump.

Next up is the Falcons' team sack record currently owned by Chuck Smith with 58.5 quarterback takedowns. John Abraham has accumulated 49.5 sacks as a member of the Falcons and is on pace to eclipse Smith's mark late next season.

Finally we come to Roddy White. He is only 1,272 receiving yards away from breaking Terance Mathis' team-best mark of 7,349. The averages say he won't get there until 2012 but after last season, is there any doubt he won't hold this record by the end of 2011? The reception mark will have to wait until 2012 though.

White is 143 catches behind Mathis and barring a Marvin Harrison-type season (circa 2002), this record will be delayed. The receiving touchdown record - again held by Mathis - may take even longer but it will happen. The averages say by the end of the 2013 season, White should own every major Falcons receiving record.

Down the road, we can anticipate Matt Ryan breaking a couple of Steve Bartkowski's records as well but we won't jump the gun on that just yet.

Obviously, injuries and other unforeseen disasters can derail any of these records but it's interesting to see that this current incarnation of the Falcons have possibly the best quarterback, running back, receiver and sack artist they've ever had. Ever. And they all play together.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.