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Garrett Hartley Among New Orleans Saints Signees, To Atlanta's Delight

Garrett Hartley, along with new guy Shaun Rogers, has been signed by the New Orleans Saints, who've also made offers to nine other current players, according to ESPN's Pat Yasinkas. The deal is reportedly a five-year contract, which sounds like an awful long time to expect one kicker to remain with one team.


Hartley, as you'll recall, is the kicker who missed that overtime field goal in the Superdome last year against the Atlanta Falcons, which Falcons fans were told throughout the season was the only reason the Birds were able to beat the Saints to begin with.


While Hartley missed plenty of early-season field goals in the Superdome, the Saints got a far luckier and more improbable break in that game, and Atlanta beat New Orleans by two games anyway, it'll still be nice to have Hartley around in the NFC South for another half-decade or until he gets fired in some random week two.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.