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Brent Grimes, Jason Snelling Get Atlanta Falcons RFA Tenders As NFL Lockout Looms

With the NFL lockout still in doubt, the Atlanta Falcons are going about business as usual. They placed tender offers on cornerback Brent Grimes (first round) and running back Jason Snelling (second round) this week. Though a new Collective Bargaining Agreement would likely prove these moves moot, teams are still protecting their assets just in case.

As evidenced by these moves, the Falcons definitely want to keep Grimes and Snelling on this team. For Grimes, it makes perfect sense. He's a starter who is able to take advantage of the extra attention afforded him by having Dunta Robinson on the other side. 

Snelling, however, will be tougher to keep. The Falcons aren't likely to break the bank to bring back a backup running back. (Say that sentence 10 times real fast!). If another team likes what they've seen the past two seasons from Snelling, they could swoop in and make him a No. 1 running back. 

My hope is he stays. My blood pressure stays low knowing that if anything happens to Michael Turner, Snelling is there to keep the offense moving. How important is Snelling to the Falcons? Last year, he was second in the NFL in rushing yards among backs that did not start a game. Only Ricky Williams ran for more yards as a non-starter. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.