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VIDEO: Greg Jennings On His Madden YouTube Masterpiece And Thomas DeCoud

You've seen that Greg Jennings video, in which a Madden player loses his mind while reviewing Madden Jennings make a 99-yard touchdown run despite suffering from a broken leg. At some recent ESPN event, Jennings was asked about the video by a fan. He responded by quoting it, noting that his teammates hadn't given him a hard time about it, and calling out Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud hard:

Via @willbrinson

DeCoud is a fun-lovin' guy, as evidenced by, if nothing else, this photo of him from his Cal days. Really hope Jennings has the story twisted and that DeCoud was quoting the video during Atlanta's regular-season win over the Green Bay Packers rather than during the most embarrassing Falcons game of the Mike Smith era.

Then again, John Abraham was mocking Aaron Rodgers in the second half despite being down by multiple touchdowns, so maybe this is the kind of thing that was just going around that day.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.