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Tony Gonzalez Could Retire If NFL Lockout Cancels 2011 Season

The NFL lockout has Tony Gonzalez thinking about retirement, not that he hasn’t been publicly pondering the end of his pro football career for months now anyway. As Troy Heinzman somehow predicted, a lockout could mean the end of Gonzalez’ time as Atlanta Falcons TE, according to a Sporting News interview of the future Pro Football Hall of Famer:

Would I sit out a whole season and come back — probably not, honestly. At this point, at my age, I don’t know if that would be smart of me to do something like that. But I’m enjoying the offseason, working out and preparing like I always do.

That would mean the team would end up dealing a No. 2 pick for only two seasons, which is about the worst personnel impact a lockout could have on the team. I’d still say it was worth it, based on the milestones the team probably wouldn’t have achieved without him and the culture of success he helped develop, but it would be highly unsatisfying to see him leave without accomplishing the goal he came here for.

Especially due to something as stupid as a lockout.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.