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Atlanta Falcons, NFL Contacted By Georgia State Football About Double-Booked Georgia Dome

For those just joining us, the Atlanta Falcons and Georgia State football are both scheduled to play football games in the Georgia Dome on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 1. Here's the Panthers' schedule, and here's the Falcons'.

Georgia State football appears to have taken the matter to the Falcons and the NFL. We were told at Thursday night's Panthers spring game the program has contacted the league and the team about what can be done here, since it would not be prudent to attempt to hold two football games in one stadium at the same time, as Clark Atlanta's band deserves all the space it needs.

State has had their schedule completed for a longer period of time, as the NFL's preseason schedule only came out a few days ago. Plus Georgia State has been trying to make Thursday night football a tradition, while the Falcons can play any old game on any old night.

However! The benefit for the Falcons of playing a Thursday game is that it would mean one more day of rest for players and one more day of postgame evaluation for the front office. Though that Friday is also available according to the NFL's schedule, playing on Thursday would be better for the Falcons.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.