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NFL Draft: Atlanta Falcons Need Safety Help, According To Fancy Math

With the 2011 NFL Draft just days away, I think we've all seen just about as many mock drafts as we can possibly handle only begun to obsess over every mock draft that anybody with a keyboard pieces together. This isn't quite a mock draft, but something a little bit cooler: Advanced NFL Stats used their advanced NFL stats to create lists of offensive draft needs and defensive draft needs for all 32 teams.

According to the offensive chart, the Atlanta Falcons are ship shape. Ball-handlin' positions besides TE are all in the top 10, while Tony Gonzalez and friends are ranked in the top half of the league at No. 14. The offensive line comes in at No. 12. But both of those position groups are likely to get some new faces, as key players all across the line of scrimmage are aging or up for new deals.

The defensive side of the ball shows more draft potential, with CB, LB, and safety all ranking in the lower half of the league. Not surprised by that CB ranking, and Sean Weatherspoon's injury issues could be blamed for part of the LB score. Didn't expect to see safety ranked so low despite some coverage struggles from young William Moore and Thomas DeCoud.

However, safety isn't really all that early-round draftable of a position here, as the team already has a little bit of depth at the position and two clear starters. Still, expect to see Thomas Dimitroff pick at least one defensive back at some point.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.