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Julio Jones Trade Sort Of OK'd By Really Smart Guy

I read a lot of football, but one of the most definitive NFL voices (outside of the SB Nation network, of course!) to me is Doug Farrar. He's solid with everything from stats, as he's shown at Football Outsiders, to scouting reports, like he ones he contributes to Shutdown Corner. So I was very curious to read his thoughts on the Atlanta Falcons trading for Alabama Crimson Tide WR Julio Jones, especially when it appeared he wasn't all that mad at the trade.

Farrar likes Jones as the key ingredient that could set Atlanta's offense on fire, which was the idea behind drafting him to begin with. A play from the 2010 Iron Bowl makes an appearance to show how Jones could be used in an explosive way even in a conservative power offense, which is the kind of thing he'll be inserting himself into unless Mike Mularkey and Mike Smith decide to scrap everything they've been doing for the past three years.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.