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Atlanta Thrashers Could Become Winnipeg Falcons: Have You No Shame, Canada?

If the Atlanta Thrashers move north, the team isn't likely to be named the Winnipeg Jets, based on the current popular sentiment. 'Peggers would prefer to name the new NHL team after the one they lost in the '90s, but may have to find other alternatives, with Manitoba Moose the clubhouse leader so far. But here's an option that would really drive the knife into Atlanta's combo NFL/NHL fans, however many of those there may be: the Falcons.

Naming the team the Winnipeg Falcons would also provide a nod to a former local team, though not one with anywhere near the regional cachet of the Jets. The Falcons' roots go back as far as 1898, officially founded in 1911 and winning the 1920 Olympic gold medal as Canada's representative team.

Could just re-name the Thrashers "Steve Austin's UGA NASCAR Braves of Winnipeg" if you really wanted to go there, guys.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.