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Chad Ochocinco-To-Falcons Rumor Treated Like Chad Ochocinco-To-Falcons Rumor

Cincy Jungle appraises The Falcoholic's recoiling, shrieking reaction to D. Orlando Ledbetter's story about the very remote possibility of the Atlanta Falcons picking up Chad Ochocinco. Ordinarily such a what-if post wouldn't merit that much shrieking, but Ledbetter's post got picked up by Pat Yasinkas, the Sporting News, and others as a report of a potential signing, rather than just a hypothetical scenario.

We all get bored during the average NFL offseason and come up with stuff like that, though the NFL lockout has maximized the need for stories like Ledbetter's. Still, though, please don't tell The Falcoholic there's any chance of its team signing a personality-plus wide receiver, as we're just fine with Roddy White holding down that role for the indefinite future.

And it's not that Falcons fans don't like Ochocinco, really. I think he's fun, if his act does get a little old. He's a hard worker and hasn't ever caused serious trouble. But this isn't a roster built to accomodate distractions other than White, the team's designated bait for trollable New Orleans Saints fans.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.